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Free music application providing CD ripper, MP3 encoder and playlist maker so you can download free music to your pc and burn it to CD. N2MP3 is the best MP3 encoder that works great for Mac or Windows.

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Instantly get access to a huge network of free music, latest movies and game downloads. Download your choice of hot MP3 music files, complete DVD movies and software applications right to your laptop or PC. Better than Rhapsody, AOL Music, Yahoo Music and the others. N2MP3 supports playback of multiple formats, audio and video playlists, file conversions, audio editing, sound recording and video compiling.

We provide the media player software that allows you to download free MP3s from the biggest file sharing networks. Then you can convert these music files to any format that you want so you can play on your ipod, ipad, laptop or PC. Then burn your files to CD-R with one click. Find songs from all of your favorite musicians and artists. Download many songs for free, create and burn your own CDs.

Free music from Eminem, Shakira, 50 cent, Ciara, Green Day, Drake, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Metallica and more! Digital media player that combines a CD ripper, MP3 encoder, playlist maker, ID3 tag editor, music video player, all in one easy to use program. A better player than Winamp, Real Player or Windows Media Player.

N2MP3 utilizes a complex algorithm related to the psycho acoustic model and the easiest, most intuitive interface. If you've been looking for a very clean sounding encoder, you will find N2MP3 is as high-end as MP3 can be with support for joint stereo encoding. The N2MP3 encoder is as fast as you can get while still encoding with near perfect quality.

The MP3 audio format has become the standard file format for good reason - it's smaller and it sounds better than other audio file formats. MPEG Layer 3 files can fit up to one minute of CD-quality (44.1 KHz, 16-bit stereo) audio in a single MB of storage. For comparison, an audio CD contains a max of 74 minutes of CD music. If you were to fill a 650MB CD-R disc with MP3 files, it could contain more than ten hours of music.

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We help you find free MP3 song downloads, your favorite music and more! Burn the audio files to CD or play the music with our built in multimedia player. You can also search the huge archive of free downloads, music videos and song lyrics. Find MP3 news, software, search engines, and guides for the audio format. Includes sites with information about MP3 players, plugins, skins, encoders, rippers, mixers, and many other utilities.

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